“The Journey” by Vasant Lad

During meditation,
when the breath settles,
when the mind settles,
one feels small like an atom
and huge like outer space.
The drop becomes the ocean
and the ocean becomes the drop.

One has the feeling of lightness
and one’s desires are fulfilled without asking,
without manipulating.

People begin talking about such a person,
and he becomes famous
among people, birds, plants and animals.
He feels intense devotion towards God,
as if God is both the lover and the beloved.
His consciousness becomes so expansive,
that eventually he remembers his true nature
at every moment of his life.

Do not worry if along your spiritual journey
people begin talking about you,
feeling jealous of you, and lying about you.
This is a very good sign.

It means you are gaining spiritual energy.
And their criticism will help you to burn the ego.

The journey has begun.


~ “The Journey” by Vasant Lad


Photo ©Hanneke Norbruis - Castricum 2019