I am loving awareness - Ram Dass

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Ga zitten in meditatiehouding, sluit je ogen en laat je meevoeren.

'I Am Loving Awareness' LYRICS


We have to get out of our minds

our thinking minds

i’ll tell you how i do it

by using a mantra or phrase





loving awareness is a name, for soul, which you really are

leads you to love everything you are aware of

the sky, the room, your body, other people

and then i ride the mantra into my heart

and in my heart i see a doorway, or a veil to the next plane

soul land

i am loving awareness


'I Am Loving Awareness' (feat. Krishna Das) from Chapter One of the album EAST FOREST x RAM DASS,

releasing in four parts throughout 2019, culminating in a full-length album on August 9, 2019