Over loslaten en de essentie

Ayurveda · 07. juli 2019
HEALING THE MIND, the synthesis of Ayurveda and Western Psychiatry

She climbs easily on the box That seats her above the swival chair at adult height Crosses her legs, left ankle over right Smooths the plastic apron over her lap While the beautician lifts her pony tail and laughs, "This is coarse as a horse's tail" And then, as if that's all there is to say The woman, at once, whacks off and tosses Its foot and a half into the trash And the little girl, who didn't want her hair cut But long ago learned successfully How not to say what it is she wants Who, even...

Meditatie · 03. juli 2019
'I Am Loving Awareness' (feat. Krishna Das)

Sicangu Lakota Oyate, An Old Sioux Legend

Yoga · 25. juni 2019
Kies je voor vrijheid of blijf je je vasthouden aan iets of iemand anders?

Hanneke blogt · 01. juni 2019
Hanneke geniet

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